Card Points in Football Betting: Guide

Booking Points, an integral part of football betting, correspond to points earned by footballers based on the number of yellow and red cards they receive in a match. The scoring system is straightforward: each yellow card equals 10 points, while a red card equals 25. In an intensely aggressive game, the total number of points could exceed 70. Although betting on these points is expected, calculating the correct number can take time and effort. For instance, a player receiving two yellows followed by a red is usually counted as 35 points – one yellow (10) and one red (25).

Key Factors to Consider for Card Betting

Although it’s unpredictable who might receive a red card, specific indicators can hint at possible penalties in a match. These include the presence of players notorious for receiving cards and an anticipated aggressive play style from one of the teams. To ensure you make an informed bet, it’s vital to analyze the match, teams, and their standings, their motivation to win, the team spirit, and much more. Let’s delve deeper into these two key factors – teams and players.

The Teams’ Role

Firstly, scrutinize the teams’ style of play. Note if the group tends to be aggressive or if there’s a direct rivalry between the teams, often leading to a heated space and more cards. Also, consider whether there’s a solid motivation to win – for example, a prestigious cup game or a promotion to a higher league. These are just some points that you should evaluate.

Player Dynamics

Next, examine individual players’ behavior on the field. Defensive midfielders, for instance, often at the heart of the action, are likelier to draw fouls and cards. The players who consistently rack up bookings can play a significant role in your betting strategy.

Referee’s Influence

The referee, the ultimate authority in card distribution, is another crucial factor. The referee’s history can provide clues about their card-giving tendencies, with some being more liberal with their bookings than others.

Card Betting Types

Let’s look at the potential bets that can be placed on cards:

  1. Total. It’s a bet on the total number of cards in the match.
  2. Team cards. You can place bets on the number of cards one or both teams receive.
  3. Card handicap. It’s similar to handicap bets based on goals.
  4. Points. You can bet on the total points accumulated over the whole match or separate halves.

In addition to these, some bookmakers offer other types of card bets. So, anyone looking to incorporate these outcomes into their strategy can find a suitable offer.

A Few Pointers for Beginners

Before placing bets on cards and points, it’s essential to analyze the match thoroughly, scrutinize the team’s and players’ stats, consider the assigned referee, and study other relevant details. Analyze the reasons behind the cards received and determine if there was a discernible pattern. Approach this cautiously and ensure you don’t lose money due to a lack of understanding.

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